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Thursday, February 28, 2013


Ok, main event is offering $5000 to the winner, i guess if i won i would treat the family to a holiday to Euro Disney, this way i would keep the family sweet and also in an evening i would still be able to play on Stars as all rooms have wireless facilities! Lololol Anyway, stay tuned and i will list all games and events as soon as i get them as there are going to plenty of games this time and not just the odd one or two, but even so, its better than nothing at all, and Pokerstars are once again lifting the bar when it comes to looking after its players, especially in the light of what was a terrible year for poker after the events of black Friday!

Well looking back at my blog, funny enough i have not really updated for almost a year! I have used facebook more as its instant and you can chat straight away to other players and friends alike. So to quickly recap on the year that was 2012, god it went so quick its a joke! Guess that shows my age lol

Live poker, i did win the Omaha PLWSOP in Coventry for a few bob and a nice trophy, i will be trying to defend my title this year. There was a good write up and picture in WSOP magazine, so happy with that. The holdem main event was a bit of a blur, too much alcohoal and buzzing from my omaha win, but It was a great weekend and great to meet up with all the guys and gals from Punters lounge. I also played a couple of £20 treble games in the local casino, i did not manage to win any but cashed in a couple which more thanm covered the buy ins, so happy with that i guess

Online, i did manage to win one of the monthly leagues on Punters Lounge and played three events at the local casino in Plymouth in the Grovesnor, had no luck whatso ever, one hand that sticks out even now i get 88 and the flop runs 899, happy days, eventually two of us all in, he has 9 10 and the 10 hits! Guess it was not meant to be but i did have a great weekend and was happy with the way i played

Wins, i guess not as many last year as i did not play as often as i have done over the past 5 years. I did win quite a few on willy hills and i did win the Paddy Power Friday £2K Added for about a grand or something like that.

I am really looking forward to 2012 and will be playing quite a lot of events on Pokerstars and william hill which are my main sites to be honest.

I am also a moderator now on Punters lounge and look mainly after the staking forum, so plenty of horses to back! Lets hope the blogger games get me going!

WIth regard to staking, i am presently doing a $80 stake for four players on punters lounge, i will update you how they are getting on as they are all playing on stars and its a great deal where i get my inital stake back first and then we split any winnings 40/40 and the remaining 20% goes back in to more games, so potentially it could be running for weeks with a small return each week, or a big return if one of them gets lucky and hits a big score!

You can also follow my progress on facebook

Good luck at the tables guys

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday 29th Update

Well playing a few tonight and the night gets off to a good start with the WBCOOP games, wher i know out one of the pros in the PLHE game for $11, i then go on to finish 3rd in the game for another token for $55

So i now have 3 tokens from theses game

$11 token
$16.50 Token
$55 Token

Still two tokens left and i have qualified for the final, so i expect at least 1 more!

4 Final tables in 3 days, so playing ok i guess, just got knocked out of the Willy Hill Added 10 10 v Q 6 dont ask! Also gone in the $6k aipf AK v AJ j drops on the turn for a 15k pot!

Just finished the Bounty game on paddy power and managed to finish 4th for a bit more cabbage and thats 5 final tables in 2 days

Good luck at the tables

Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Night Games

Well after a decent start in the WBCOOP 5 card stud game i managed to donk my chips off near the bubble, should have sat back, but hey ho! 5 Games to go!

Played a few games on Paddy Power poker

Started with the $100 Added, managed to finish 40/163
Then played the 2nd $100 Added managed to finish 9/308
Then played the $11 buy in $6K Guaranteed and finished 9th/645 for $90
Lastly played the $6 buy in $4K Guaranteed and finished 7th /804 for $122 QQ v A9 he rivers flush

On another note Aqua Raider finished 2nd in the $100 rebuy for $11K , many congrats

So three final tables in one night, gotta be happy with that!

Good luck at the tables

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Well after a disastrous Sunday run at least i won my second token playing the WBCOOP games, finished 25th or something for a $16.50 toekn. So after bubbling two events i nopw have cashed in two as well, so pretty happy, i think i was 18th in the shootout and now in the Stud Hilo, so playing ok in these, just wish i could say the same in the NL events!

Good luck at the tables

Thursday, February 23, 2012

It Starts

WBCOOP Starts today and i entered the PLO, did not last until the 1st break after getting crippled with AAKQ v A267!!!!!! Still 9 tokens left

Played on Paddy Power and entered the $11 bounty game, played very solidly and finished 2nd for about $130, so happy days and lots of play tmrw

Good luck at the tables

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

On The Tables

Just a quick update

Just registered for Sundays games:

$55 Red Spade Open $1 Million Guaranteed with bounties
$11 The Storm $300K
$11 The Bigger $150K
$11 100 seats added to Sunday Million

Roll on Sunday

2 Days and Counting

Until the Blogger Championship on Stars

Also doing a Stake for $100 in 4 events on stars this Sunday including the $55 Red Spade Bounty Game with a Million pound prize pool

Good luck at the tables

Monday, February 20, 2012

Back to the Grind

Well i have decided that this week will be the week where i get back to the amount of games i used to play, so beware, i will be tired in a morning after playing for 6 hours each night lol

Still waiting for the Stars Blogger games

Good luck at the tables